[K12OSN] differentiated internet filtering by grade level question

Jim Kronebusch jim at winonacotter.org
Thu Jan 12 14:43:21 UTC 2006

On Thu, 12 Jan 2006 07:11:12 -0600, Doug Simpson wrote
> Make it easier on yourself..  .. set up web-based email on your 
> local server and let your students use that for school-required email.
> Then you don't have to allow those traffic-wasting "free" email 
> sites. and you have the ability to see what your students are doing 
> in email at anytime, should a schoolofficial, or local, state or 
> federal government official, or even a student's parents need to.
> If you have mail set up already, it is easy to add webmail using 
> neomail or other webmail clients.
> If not, find you an old computer, Pentuim with 64MB RAM and 10G hard 
> drive running linux will work great for a webmail server and 
> students and staff can use it from home, school, or wherever they 
> are. And most linux installs come with some mail set up by default 
> and you just need to add the webmail client.

It also make sure that your staff/teachers have accurate email lists to
contact students with assignments, progress inquiries, etc.  That is the way
we chose as well.  I block all web-based email and storage and use openwebmail
to provide email access and access to their "webdisk".  If you tie the mail
delivery to the /home folder of the students openwebmail has a webdisk feature
that allows them to work directly with their home folder.  Works almost like
an ftp client but is integrated into webmail so it takes some magic out of it.
 You also have the option to store email attachements directly to your home
folder or attach directly from your home folder.  Openwebmail can sit on top
of most any existing server.  

I run other servers with squirrelmail but I haven't found a plugin yet that
provides the webdisk access.

And the ability to browse all student email has paid off many times.  It also
keeps them in check while at school, if they know you can see what they are
sending they don't send as much personal and gossipy (if thats a word) stuff
as they would with hotmail or something that is private.  

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