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On Wed, 2006-01-18 at 11:17, DWatkins at frkl.wnyric.org wrote:

> Is is possible to have a default printer for a group?  I've got  three
> computer labs running off the same server and the possibility of
> printing in different labs has some teachers/students confused at
> times. Thanks in advance.

I set the default printer based on the name of the workstation. This
allows me to set most of the workstations to print to the nearest
printer and force some to print to printers to which students don't have

The following scripts set the $PRINTER environment variable to contain
the name of the default printer. My login script removes the file
"~/.lpoptions" upon each login to prevent users from permanently
changing their default printer. 

A script called "setprinter" lives in /etc/profile.d and is run when a
user logs in. Here's the script:


The "setprinter" script calls a script named "whatprinter" that simply
returns the name of the default printer for a particular printer. Here's
the script:


The "whatprinter" script reads a file containing a list of printers and
the workstations associated with them. Here's an example file:


You'll probably need to save these scripts directly to disk. They're not
properly formatted when viewing them in a web browser.

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