[K12OSN] Boot error on client....

John T. Leonard johnny at msad41.us
Thu Jan 19 13:12:02 UTC 2006

Hello All.....
I'm not sure what happened but when I physically reboot a client now I get the

DHCP MAC ADDR: 00 06 29 34 94 9C
PXE-EA1: No PXE server found, using standard boot file
TFTP: .......

It times out there and begins the process all over again.....The clients that
are still booted in work fine, but if I physically reboot them, the above
happens...I've restarted the services that I think would be involved but not
luck.....anyone have an idea or two? 

John T. Leonard
Technology Coordinator
MSAD No. 41
Penquis Valley HS/MS
48 Penquis Drive 
Milo, Maine 04463
Ph:207-943-7346 Ext.211

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