[K12OSN] postfix/dovecot gurus,,a question

Dan Young dan_young at mesd.k12.or.us
Fri Jan 27 16:11:38 UTC 2006

cisna-barry at wc235.k12.il.us wrote:
> Hello list,
> Wondering if anyone here,,can give me any tips on tweaking,,
> Postfix/Dovecot,, conf files to speed things up a bit.


> This is a 2.4 GHZ single processor,,,machine,,with 2 Gigs of ram,,
> ( This is just on an IDE drive(s) )

IDE drives are terrible at random IO.

You might look at http://www.postfix.org/rate.html (maybe
local_destination_concurrency_limit = 1 in main.cf?) to see if you can
slow down the "thundering herd", but the real fix is getting the mail
spool on faster storage (SCSI).

Please,,, watch...the///random...punctuation,,,It's---hard++to==read!!

Dan Young <dan_young at mesd.k12.or.us>
Multnomah ESD - Technology Services

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