[K12OSN] Attempting to Setup SATA RAID

Steve Hampton wolfravenous at gmail.com
Sun Jan 29 15:16:09 UTC 2006


Here is where I am at,  I have tried swaping cables, but that didn't
help.  I have researched this using your guys links enough to now that
know I do not have a real hardware RAID controllor built into my MoBo.
 I have a "fake" raid controller that simulates hardware raid through
software in the bios.  I want to go ahead and setup a true software
raid but now I have new problems.

If I have both drives connnected, the machine won't boot. I need the
machine to boot up with both drives attached so that I can set up a
true software RAID.  If I try to turn off the SATA controller in the
Bios then the machine doesn't see the Hard drive and returns a nice No
operating system found message.  Any clues as to how I might work
around this.  Thanks for your help so far, at least now I know that
this MoBo stinks (Intel SVB7505) and I will not every reccommend this
model to anyone else for use on a Linux system, hehe.

Steven Hampton
Open Source, The Right Thing To Do!

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