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Re: [K12OSN] disable roaming profiles samba/ldap

I have a samba/ldap server doing my authentication and storing home
directories as well as roaming profiles. How do I disable roaming
(setup on core 3 using the smbldap-installer script)? This server has
running for almost a year now can I just simply disable roaming


without it affecting the server? Thanks for the help.

>>cant you simply edit oout the roamaing profiles portion of smb.conf..?
We have roaming profiles too, and I'd love to learn how to disable them!
  They are kind of a "legacy" from the W2K server we had years ago.

I was thinking that you could comment out the profile section in smb.conf.
I am not an expert and did not know if this would cause any problems. I
really need to know what to do as profiles are a problem with network
traffic. I was hoping there was an easy way to do this but with few
responses I now don't think it is. Any help is appreciated. Thanks

I guess I could test it today, with no one in the building I could put it back if it doesn't work, right?

Rita Gibson

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