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Re: [K12OSN] disable roaming profiles samba/ldap

Doug Simpson wrote:
Using linux, roaming profiles are no longer a problem for us. We leave winders alone and do everything on the server. Winders thinks it has successfully written the roaming profile, but alas, once winders lets go of the profile share, it is deleted by the system. No more profile worries!

I don't understand what you did to accomplish this?

Rita Gibson

Randall Swift wrote:

	I have a samba/ldap server doing my authentication and storing home
directories as well as roaming profiles. How do I disable roaming profiles
(setup on core 3 using the smbldap-installer script)? This server has been
running for almost a year now can I just simply disable roaming profiles
without it affecting the server? Thanks for the help.

We have roaming profiles too, and I'd love to learn how to disable them! They are kind of a "legacy" from the W2K server we had years ago.

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