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Re: [K12OSN] Re: New amer.com switch troubles

I have 1gig speed on cat 5e...
but I did end up having to move my server closer to the switch closet...
as the 300+ ft run I had it going over connected initially at 1000...then dropped to 100 sometime later...noticed by the immense lag of 20 machines attempting to access the server at once.

gKw-X wrote:

I emailed recently about this problem and I want to bring it up again. I have a 1gig switch from amer.com and a 1gig intel nic in my server, but for some reason the connection between the server and the switch will not go over 100meg speed...

I have tried a couple commands to tell it to re-negotiate, and to tell it to go at 1000meg/full duplex, but it always ends up back at 100meg/full duplex. This is one of the commands I tried:

ethtool -s eth0 duplex full speed 1000

I have had several people suggest the cabling, I will give that another try, but it's a long drive to go in and I would like to have some other options when I do. What commands should I be running to verify the connection, and to change it? Is there any config anywhere that might tell it to use 100meg only? Or is it guaranteed to be a problem outside of the server?

I've heard certain kernels have trouble with 1gig speed. I don't know what version I have, but I downloaded k12ltsp in early August. Someone specifically mentioned that kernel version "2.6.11" and earlier has troubles with GB ethernet? Has anyone else ever had similar troubles or did it just magically work?

Also, I am pretty sure the cable is cat5e, and cable from the same spool is used between the swithes, and that connection reports 1000meg speed on the switch, so the cable should be fine, correct? Unless that one cable was badly crimped or by sheer bad luck has a flaw. Someone suggested I need cat6 cable, is this true?

Thanks for your input!

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