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Re: [K12OSN] Help! Doing the pivot_root nfs server not responding

Hi Bob,

We are using cheap unmanaged switches...
Any other ideas?

Thank you, Jim

Hello All,

I have come back to school and started up our two k12ltsp servers and am having some big problems.

Here's the history:
My technician replaced a Netgear 8 port gig switch with a 16 port Dlink gig switch over the XMas holidays.
This switch is the first one that the two k12 servers connect to.
We did have several good power failures and surges during the holidays- my servers were shut down (but I use upss), while all of our switches remained plugged in and not protected.

Now the fun stuff-

All but two of our 13 library clients refuse to get past the doing the pivot_root nfs server not responding line at start up. I have moved it into my classroom that seems to be functioning ok- 30 clients on another k12 server. I start the library boxes by pxe boot but the library box can not start in my room... same network... same error...

Another classroom across the hall with 28 stations of really old boxes is fully functional. These boot from the same server as the library boxes...

Windows boxes on the library switch work...

??????   HELP!!!

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Try turning off Spanning Tree Protocol on the switch.
We had this problem with Dell switches. This blocked some of our computers from seeing the servers. Our Dell switches lost their configurations when we has 2 days of power outage. We kept good documentation from when we set up the switches and found the problem right away.

Bob Cataldo

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