[K12OSN] IceWM as default in 4.4....still need some help

Nick Fenger nickfmail4-lists at yahoo.com
Fri Jan 6 22:26:03 UTC 2006

  2 questions 
  Is this still the method you would recommend to make icewm the only option for all users?

  Will the script you sent (below) work with those changes to give only a specific UID access to Gnome?

Robert Arkiletian <robark at gmail.com> wrote:
  On 8/25/05, David Trask 
> Hey folks,
> I still need some help with the whole IceWM as the default in gdm on
> K12LTSP 4.4 (FC 4). Things have changed and you can't simply go into the
> config file and set DefaultDesktop=icewm.desktop as it won't really be the
> System Default. I've followed a couple of the suggestions earlier, but
> they either take everything away except IceWM...(I'd still like to be able
> to get to Gnome for some management stuff) 

if you followed my previous post you can block everything except icewm. Hence 
will be executed for everyone.
Now all you need to do is figure out your UID. Lets pretend your UID
is 500. Stick this

if [ $UID -eq 500 ];then
exec /usr/bin/gnome-session
exit 0

at the beginning of etc/X11/gdm/Sessions/IceWM so you will be the only
one who gets in using GNOME.

Robert Arkiletian
C++ GUI tutorial http://fltk.org/links.php?V19

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