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Re: [K12OSN] Custom kernel and Opterons

Justin Paulsen wrote:

I am building a custom kernel for k12ltsp 4.2.1 and I have dual
opterons, will choosing the opteron option in the kernel config give me
problems with the software/clients on the system?  Should I choose
Athalon instead?  Also, does anyone know if there are certain
drivers/modules that fc3/k12ltsp expects in the kernel?


Justin Paulsen
IT Coordinator
Frederic School District
paulsenj frederic k12 wi us

"The world is open.  Are you?"

The terminals use a different kernel (found in /tftpboot/) than the
server. The server and terminal kernels are independent of each other.

There are no specific drivers or modules required on the server, with
the exception of the obvious ones (ethernet, IP, NFS, etc).


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