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[K12OSN] 6 local user accounts on server using NIS for 800 others?

Well, were're up against the wall here, I think.

I checked to see if Photoshop 7 was supported by Codeweavers Crossover and it was, but there is a problem running it though on our 3rd K12LTSP server though. (My art teacher help pay for the server... so I'm motivated to get things going!!)

The problem that the Crossover technician is attributing it to is Photoshop interaction with the .cxoffice folder through NFS.

I need to still have this K12LTSP server using NIS and NFS because it splits its responsibility between the Art room and serving Library clients.

Can I have 6 local accounts on this server with homes coming from, for example: /home-art ??? Six users from /home-art would logon through their clients to this server and would use the servers local /home-art. All other users - in the library - would logon normally (not knowing or caring that their homes came via nfs and nis)????

Thanks for ANY ideas,  Jim

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