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RE: [K12OSN] Web software

I've been playing with Mambo for my school's site
<http://www.holyinfancy.k12.pa.us> and it isn't half-bad, but it's not
exactly easy to work with.

One that I've been using more and more is Website Baker
<http://www.websitebaker.org/>, it's quick, easy and actually kinda fun to
use. Not exactly K-12 oriented, but it's easy to delegate permissions for
teacher pages, administrative pages, and stuff like that. I enjoy it.

I'll check out GVCSiteMaker though, see what that offers.


nsantiago caclv org 

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From: Sharon Betts [mailto:sbetts msad52 k12 me us] 
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Subject: [K12OSN] Web software

I am at a new district now and we need to completely rebuild our website. 
We have looked at Drupal and Joopla.  They are nice, but not really tuned to
K-12 use.  Does anyone have anything that they reallly recommend?
I do like the look of GVCSiteMaker -- and may go with it, but want to make
certain we cover all the bases.


Sharon Betts
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sbetts msad52 k12 me us
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