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Re: [K12OSN] Re: cups stopping printer

We've used this strategy for quite a while. While I believe enabling an already started printer is fine, I actually wrote a script to find the disabled ones and enable only those.

Here's my "cupstickle" script which we run every 5 mimutes in a cron job:
/usr/bin/enable `/usr/bin/lpstat -p | /bin/grep disabled | /usr/bin/cut -f 2 -d " "`
(the last two lines above should really be on the same line, there is only one line after the #!/bin/bash)



RiE wrote:
On 1/10/06, Peter Hartmann <ascensiontech gmail com> wrote:

Is there anything wrong with putting this in the crontab?  :

0-59/10  * * * * /usr/bin/enable [printer1] [printer2] .....

what if you run enable on a printer that is already started?  will
that be a problem?

For the minute, you could just do */10


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