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[K12OSN] Windows connectivity

This one is weird

Lab is completely k12ltsp 4.4.x  Terminal server and 32 workstations


I have a windows 2000 machine sitting in a corner with a third party mail server sitting on it.  It has an ip of 


Linsys router is not acting as dhcp server


Server private side nic is of course dhcping with the second nic static ip of


Linux workstations can see the server, can surf web pages, and can connect to the mail server whether it is through the private ip of .1.3 or through its mx record mail.mycompany.ca, which goes through the router which has the mail ports forwarded to the .1.3


On the linux side, all is good.


The few windows machines participating on the network were connecting to the server running samba for file serving.  They get the ips and dns numbers through the linux servers dhcp services.  They can now surf, get files off samba, but can no longer get to the mail server in the corner.  They used to be able to.  Today I can’t telnet in on port 25, can’t ping .1.3 can’t see it in any way.  Used to be able to, as early as this morning.


Solved this problem by assigning static ip addys to the windows machine, specifying both the gateway and the dns servers.  Used the router as the gateway and the dns numbers of my providers machines.  Doing that I can access the mail server.  But if I leave it like that those machines won’t be able to print to the printer or grab files off samba as the ip address is on the wrong subnet mask.  .1.x instead of .0.x


Any ideas, suggestions, help


I have no idea what to do now





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