[SPAM-Score-7.2] [K12OSN] differentiated internet filtering by grade level question

Scott Sherrill scott at remc1.org
Thu Jan 12 13:02:33 UTC 2006

Jesse McDonnell wrote:

>   Any relaxing of the filtering that is implemented at school will have to be workable within our Windows and BESS environment.

Jesse -

Bess has the ability to have different rules depending on the machines 
connecting.  So it is possible to have your High School machines with a 
different set of rules vs your Elementary School machines.

What you need to do though is have static IP's for each machine - High 
School Computer #1 always has the same IP address.  That's done with 
reservations in your DHCP server.  Then clump your High School machines 
together have them in a contiguous range ->

(If you have your own hosted Bess server ) Look at  Bess' Control 
Center. You need to make a  new zone (under Delegate Tasks) that zone 
will have the range of your High School machine IP addresses.  You can 
choose a differnet person to be the Adminsitrator if you want or 
\local\root can be it too.  Once you have a separate zone, you can set 
different blocklists (or webmail allow in your case) for just that zone.

We do web filtering for 15+ school districts with Bess.  Each district 
has its' own list of filtering (one school wants to block games another 
doesn't etc).

I think you what you want to do is technically possible, but will 
require a bit of organization to pull it off.


(Who misses filtering with Squid and SquidGuard and is working on the 
powers that be to switch ;-) )

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