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[K12OSN] Digital camera on ltsp-terminals

Has anyone got this going? I can get most cameras going by using the smb approach from ltsp.org's wiki. This works for the cameras using usb-storage to send its data. Then the camera shows up on the terminal as an ordinary usb-drive/stick.

However, several of our schools have gone out and bought themselves Canon Ixus cameras. These, off course, do not use the usb-storage driver and thererfore they do not show up as a usb-drive. When I plug this camera into my laptop, I have to use Digikam or gphoto/gtkcam to access its content.

Is there a way to make an ltsp-terminal use this camera? Would a memorycard reader do the trick? I have tried one, and it didn't work. It showed up as a zero byte file. Even if I inserted the card into the reader before plugging it in. Off course this could be my reader being bad. Has anyone gotten this to work? I have a lot of students and teacher waiting to use their cameras on the terminals...

Best Regards
Trond Maehlum

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