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Re: [K12OSN] Networking Guy needed for home networking question

Gentgeen wrote:

Dear List,

I know this is "School" list, but I am hoping some of you with formal
network training/understanding can help me out some.

I have LTSP set up on my home network, with "linuxbox" being used as my
main box and as the LTSP server.  I have an IPCop box that is my DHCP
server and my firewall.  I have a 4 port router (with wireless)  which
is being used as a switch and WAP (i.e. not using the WAN port/router
features) and an 8 port switch.  Everything is running at 100 Mbps.

Two of my computers, "emachine" and "aptiva" are win98/LTSP clients -
depending on what the kids want to do/play.  a third computer "boss" is
a dedicated LTSP client. (Real clever with my host names;-)  Below is a
wiring diagram, showing the general layout and IP address (all are in
the 192.168.0.* range).  The layout is mostly dependent on the wiring
and location of the computer in the house. (i.e. the switch services the
house, the router services just 1 room).

There does not appear to be any problems between the clients and the
server, but my question is -- is the a networking no-no?  Should I have
the clients all on the same switch?  Would I get better performance if
they were?  Making the physical changes would involve a lot just to
"test" my questions -- so I thought I would throw it out there before I
started drilling any holes, or rearranging desks :-)  Thanks in advance
for any input.

Internet -- Modem -- IPCop Box
Switch |
			 |___ boss (.0.4)
                        |___ Router ~~~ Wireless Connections

Kevin Squire
Math Teacher, PAVCS

I see no problems with your setup. . . If it works that way, ler 'er fly!


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