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[K12OSN] PPC lts.conf question ?

Hello List,,

Just wondering if anyone has any ideas,,on why on the IMAC/EMAC's that are
booting up fine,, I get the following message when i try and do a
CTL-ALT-F2,,at the Linux login to go to a Windows Terminal server, server.
The Terminal Server CLient works fine once Im logged into Linux. I m just
wanting to eliminate one step for students that want to login directly
into Windows,,rather than Linux/then Windows.
(I can do control-alt-f2 fine,,and go to RDP/term server,,from the non-ppc

I Get"
"Server is already active for display 0. If this server is no longer
running, remove the /tmp/XO.lock & start again."

Below is my /ppc/etc/lts.conf file:

        SERVER             =
        XSERVER            = auto
	X_MOUSE_PROTOCOL   = "auto"
	X_MOUSE_DEVICE     = "/dev/input/mice"
	X_DEVICE_OPTION_01 = "UseFBDev\" \"true"
	USE_XFS            = N
	LOCAL_APPS         = N
	SCREEN_01	   = startx
	SCREEN_03          = shell
        SCREEN_02          = rdesktop
          RDP_SERVER       = # term server IP
          RDP_OPTIONS      = -f -d xyz


Barry Cisna

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