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Re: [K12OSN] Flash plug-in

Eric Harrison wrote:

On Fri, 13 Jan 2006, Brandon Kovach wrote:

I am having trouble installing the Firefox flash plug-in.  We have K12 V
4.2.0, although it updates via yum every night.  I can get it to install
for a single user, but not for the whole lot of them.

Any help?


Did you try to manually download and install the flash plugin?

Try logging in as root, clicking on the "Get Additional Software" icon
on the desktop, then the "Flash" icon.

Or if you are a shell junky such as myself, open up a terminal, "su root"
and run /usr/sbin/get.flash  ;-)


Another slightly sillier option is to install wine, then install Windows Firefox, then install flash and shockwave from there. That's how I got the games at lego.com working for my 7-yr-old. It's a bit of a hike around the problem, but it worked, and I got shockwave running on my 64-bit Linux box. OK, so I had to kludge something together, and the rpm's for wine don't give you DNS access, so you have to compile wine yourself, and it's a bit of a pain, but now he can play Dino-attack, and that was worth it. Wasn't it?


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