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Re: [K12OSN] disk quota troubleshooting ?


I am using the standard quota system on my k12ltsp server (enabled quota
attributes for the partitions, etc)  and it stops the windows user's
when they try to go over the hard limit.   Soft limit works as well.
They don't get a nice error message saying they are over their quota,
they just get a disk full or cannot save message.

Henry Burroughs
Technology Director
Hilton Head Preparatory School

> Message: 14
> Date: Sat, 14 Jan 2006 08:18:24 -0600
> From: "Barry R Cisna" <brcisna frontiernet net>
> Subject: [K12OSN] disk quota troubleshooting ?
> To: "K12OSN" <k12osn redhat com>
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> Hello list,
> We are trying to setup.disk quotas, on each users,home folder now.
> Iv'e done this in the past and worked great .through strictly Linux logins.
> Now we have the Windows users& Linux users,saving to a common home folder.
> The quota settings ,works fine in Linux but,logged in as a windows
> user,users can go to an "unlimited" amount of file storage.
> In other words, when a user adds files to their home folder( on a K12LTSP
> server used as our file server),if they adding these files from a Windows
> server login,/to home folder the quota's are not being "seen".
> But when they log into Linux( and are over their disk quota), they get the
> "You are over your disk space allotment,contact system admin".
> How can I go about troubleshooting,this scenario? Is this maybe a Windows AD
> setup,and Im clear off of base?.How does WIndows AD,,see the Linux disk
> quota reqiirements?
> questions,,,questions...:)..
> K12LTSP v 4.1.1 -FC3
> Thanks,
> Barry Cisna

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