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Re: [K12OSN] Fl_TeacherTool 0.30 issue (long)

Trond Mæhlum wrote:
Robert Arkiletian skrev:

However, Eric Harrison and I are concerned about libgcc_s.so.1 which is
being overwritten in /opt/ltsp/i382/lib with the one from /usr/lib in
K12LTSP. These two libraries are *not* the same size. Unfortunately,
vnc.so does not work with the client X server with the stock
libgcc library. One thing to note is that vnc.so gets loaded at boot
time or (ctrl-alt-bkspc) not runtime. The only way I can *think* of
solving this is to build the vnc.so module inside a chrooted ltsp
tree. So it gets built with the ltsp stock libgcc. But I don't know if
this is even possible or how to do it. Wondering if anyone has any
ideas how to solve this problem? I know that a sym link approach was
used to address this issue in the wiki but I don't think it's a real
solution (But I could be wrong).

We have done this some weeks ago, we even took the liberty of coding it
into Robert's TT. In the spirit of open source, we sent our work back to
him. I see he has now implemented it into the official TT. We also did
the tweaking on our installation. We have been running this for about
four weeks on 500 terminals across nine schools. Since we have fibre to
the schools, and all our servers are centrally placed at City Hall, I
can now remote control students desktops and guide them without leaving
my office. Very useful indeed!

We also did replace libgcc_s.so.1, like the wiki said. We did not keep a
backup of the old file. What kind of problems should this cause? The
reason I ask, is that we have been running this for several weeks, with
a TT version like the one Robert is releasing now. We have not noticed
anything out of the ordinary.

Trond Maehlum

This is just like installing a package with "--nodeps" or "--force". You
can do it, and sometimes it may even work just fine, but it is generally
a bad idea.

We *WILL* *NOT* ship this as-is in K12LTSP. This violates one of the
commandments of packaging: thou shall not covet another package's file.

What we need to do is build this vnc.so module in the LTSP build
environment and package that up.


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