[K12OSN] Fl_TeacherTool 0.30 issue (long)

Petre Scheie petre at maltzen.net
Fri Jan 20 18:39:09 UTC 2006

Eric Harrison wrote:
> Trond Mæhlum wrote:
>> Robert Arkiletian skrev:
>>> However, Eric Harrison and I are concerned about libgcc_s.so.1 which is
>>> being overwritten in /opt/ltsp/i382/lib with the one from /usr/lib in
>>> K12LTSP. These two libraries are *not* the same size. Unfortunately,
>>> vnc.so does not work with the client X server with the stock
>>> libgcc library. One thing to note is that vnc.so gets loaded at boot
>>> time or (ctrl-alt-bkspc) not runtime. The only way I can *think* of
>>> solving this is to build the vnc.so module inside a chrooted ltsp
>>> tree. So it gets built with the ltsp stock libgcc. But I don't know if
>>> this is even possible or how to do it. Wondering if anyone has any
>>> ideas how to solve this problem? I know that a sym link approach was
>>> used to address this issue in the wiki but I don't think it's a real
>>> solution (But I could be wrong).
>> We have done this some weeks ago, we even took the liberty of coding it
>> into Robert's TT. In the spirit of open source, we sent our work back to
>> him. I see he has now implemented it into the official TT. We also did
>> the tweaking on our installation. We have been running this for about
>> four weeks on 500 terminals across nine schools. Since we have fibre to
>> the schools, and all our servers are centrally placed at City Hall, I
>> can now remote control students desktops and guide them without leaving
>> my office. Very useful indeed!
>> We also did replace libgcc_s.so.1, like the wiki said. We did not keep a
>> backup of the old file. What kind of problems should this cause? The
>> reason I ask, is that we have been running this for several weeks, with
>> a TT version like the one Robert is releasing now. We have not noticed
>> anything out of the ordinary.
>> Regards
>> Trond Maehlum
> This is just like installing a package with "--nodeps" or "--force". You
> can do it, and sometimes it may even work just fine, but it is generally
> a bad idea.
> We *WILL* *NOT* ship this as-is in K12LTSP. This violates one of the
> commandments of packaging: thou shall not covet another package's file.
> What we need to do is build this vnc.so module in the LTSP build
> environment and package that up.
How complicated is that?  Robert says he's new to that; I've never done it, so I'm just 

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