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Re: [K12OSN] Openoffice.org2.0 on K12LTSP4.2.2EL

We have been running this from RC1, and still not had *any* problems.

The only problem that arises is when we have to save some work, the dialog somtimes doesn't work, you'll have to redo it a few times.
That's the only caveat I know...
My teachers and students are very happy.

Oh yes, there should be a way to avoid the upgrade dialog with each user, but I couldn't solve that issue...


Op 19-jan-06, om 21:31 heeft Trond Mæhlum het volgende geschreven:

Has anyone installed OOo2.0 on their EL based K12LTSP's? I have one testserver running alongside 4.4.0, and the need for OOo2.0 arises. As far as I know OOo2.0 is not available for K12LTSP4.2.2 and never will be because CentOS 4 doesn't have it.

Will it be available for a yum install /apt-get install from some mirror some time? Even though CentOS 4 will never support or offer it?

If I have to install it manually, is there som quickfix to make MS formats default and get rid og the "register-wizard" for all users?

Trond Maehlum

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