[K12OSN] Slightly OT: Censornet Image Filter

Tim Litwiller tim at litwiller.net
Fri Jan 20 21:56:48 UTC 2006

Shawn Powers wrote:
> RiE wrote:
>> What technology do they use?  Could the same be done with Squid and
>> squidguard?   Anything that depends on a list, is not foolproof.  If
>> they filter on 'words', the "blue-footed boobie" would get filtered
>> with the rest.
> No, they actually filter the images themselves, based on mathematical 
> calculations.  http://www.censornet.com/product/aic.php
> It's not free, but if it works, it would be worth the money, even though 
> it is pricey.
> The regular product is GPL, and uses squidguard and dans.
> -Shawn

A hospital near here subscribed to it but they to disable it because too 
much of their regular research was blocked - but they really liked the 
image filtering other than for that.

They didn't bother with assigning levels of blocking - so they could 
have still been using it where needed. But you know how these people are 
that think they can run things themselves but their main job function is 
something else. I think the employees know that there are logs of their 
Internet activity and that has cured most of the time wasting and 
inappropriate Internet use.

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