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[K12OSN] Good MP3 server> SLimserver


Hope this is not too off topic.
Just thought Id throw this out,,for anyone that has kids begging to get a
MP3/Podcast type server setup.
I installed Slimserver on one of our K12LTSP servers.and was too easy to
setup,and get going,,and actually works!!
You can use the native xmms player in K12LTSP, (providing sound is working
Or,you can download the Slimsqueeze player from the same site,which shows
more information,/artist/title etc,than xmms does.
Works fine on the native Windows Media Player as well for your die hard
Winders people at school.
Has an RPM for easy install,,no deps,,needed,,yada,,yada>:) Just what we
Just do the RPM,install.
Manually add your music folder somewere on your HD. aka "music"> very
creative ,ah?
Add music files or stream from a CD in the server itself.
Point your webbrowser to : h t t p : //serveripaddress:9000
and read the instructions on the Home page and import your songs to the
Open xmms on a client machine ( I can only get ess sound to work/Gnome)and
type in:
h t t p : // serveripaddress:9000/stream.mp3 ,,,and your listening to tunes.
We are going to try and implement this into sending dailey announcements(
rather than emailing) to our three remote buildings /schools,,hoping the
bandwidth survives.
You can throttle down what bitrate to broadcast at ,of corse.
Will play WAVs fine too, for the oldtime audio people/ No

Google for Slimserver.

Hope this helps someone,,

Take Care,

Barry Cisna

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