[K12OSN] Slightly OT: Censornet Image Filter

Bob McCaa rmccaa at tiu11.org
Mon Jan 23 14:19:04 UTC 2006


Had it not been for someone mentioning it on this list, I never would
have known about it.  I pulled down the install and I'm going to build a
testing machine to see how it stacks up against a solution we're
currently paying for.

Don't rethink... evaluate!


On Fri, 2006-01-20 at 14:07 -0500, Shawn Powers wrote:
> Shawn Powers wrote:
> > Sorry I don't have another venue to ask this question, but does anyone 
> > use the image filter in Censornet?  We're considering buying the 
> > service, and I'd like some feedback from someone *real* that is already 
> > using it, or has used it in the past.
> Wow, really no one is using this at all?
> Maybe I should rethink my ideas... the image filtering idea seems 
> -Shawn
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