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Re: [K12OSN] "Strong" Passwords

Jim Hays wrote:
Is there a way to reduce the requirements of strong passwords on K12LTSP. I have a middle school computer teacher who claims that her students can't change their passwords. I have given them easy access to Usermin and have tested the heck out of it and I can change passwords. The teacher can't seem to understand what I tell her about strong passwords. I have sent her definite instructions on how to create a strong password that will pass the tests, but she complains to administrators that the "system" won't let the students change their passwords.

I guess I need to loosen the password requirements.  Where would I do that"



Talk to the administrators then, and if possible, show one or two of them how easy it actually is to change the passwords. Explain that you are uncertain as to why this particular teacher is having such problems, and state how many times you've shown this particular teacher how to do what you demonstrated.

Unfortunately, sometimes a recalcitrant or technologically-inept teacher will blame "the system" for their own shortcomings. This can be really difficult when that teacher happens to be really good at their job outside of matters related to technology. My experience has been that the best thing to do in this case is to be very open with all parties, including administration, about what is happening, and hope that you get administrative backing.

I really can't encourage a solution that weakens passwords - belive me: once you go down that road, the damage is almost impossible to reverse.


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