[K12OSN] Windows 2003 Active Directory and k12LTSP

Ryan Hackl - Spiritwood High hackl at lskysd.ca
Tue Jan 24 17:38:25 UTC 2006

Good day!  (Sorry if this is a bit long-winded...)

Currently, in one of our schools, the pre-existing Windows 2003 Active
Directory network (with Windows 2000, XP workstations) needs to remain as we
add k12LTSP thin clients to the system.  Students and staff have access to a
"home" folder on the Windows 2003 network and connect via roaming profiles.  

We'd like to move the "home" folders to the k12LTSP server and redirect
windows users to the new location (LTSP).

Has anyone successfully accomplished this, and if so, do you have an outline
of steps to assist us?

Thanks for any assistance you can offer...

Ryan Hackl
IT Services
Living Sky School Division
North Battleford, SK 

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