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Doug Simpson veewee77 at alltel.net
Tue Jan 24 20:09:06 UTC 2006

OK, so the linux server is mounting the share that is on the winders one 
via fstab and giving it to the students and teachers when they are in on 
linux terminals. . .

OK. . . gotcha now!

Are you mounting the share with mount -t smbfs etc?

If so, here is one way to work around this. . .

This will have to be manually run as root from the linux computer. . .

mount -t smbfs -o username=(valid username on the 
pdc),password(validpassword) //servername/sharename /mountpointpath.

Previous is all on one line, exclude the ( ) and use a valid 
username/password combination that has write permissions to the share. 
Create a bogus user that has the correct permissions if you want to so 
you don't have to use an actual user's credentials. I did this to run a 
software package that was on a server in a lab on computers that logged 
into a different domain from their classrooms. . . Worked great.

P.S. this will not work real good if there is a program that requires 
separate logins run from that share, but for your purposes, It doesn't 
look like a problem since it will basically just be documents and etc.  
The reason is that every file that is written to that share, will 
actually be written by the account that you used to mount the share.

If you need further assistance, let me know and I'll see if I can help 
you out. . .


Paul VanGundy wrote:

>Doug and All,
>You didn't confuse me at all. But that means mounting volumes via fstab is
>pointless then. Staff and students can't add or take away anything from the
>shared drive that is automounted when they log in to a terminal. With only
>read/execute privileges there is no way to edit a document they saved in
>that share on a terminal and save it back. I need to make it so that staff
>and students can save work they do on a terminal back onto that shared
>drive. With the current configuration of 755 and root being the owner that
>isn't possible. Surely there is a work around?
>Paul VanGundy
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>Uhh. . . fstab. . .share. . .? something don't add up there. . .
>Fstab you can set the volume (whole drive) to read only or read-write.  
>Has absolutely nothing to do with samba, except if you have the volume read
>only, no matter what permissions you use on the samba share, the drive will
>still not allow writing by anyone but root.
>There are parameters you can set in samba to make everything write as root,
>but that is not the best way because, especially in a publicly available
>share, you want to know who owns the files. If you set it to where root
>writes everything and someone posts some wicked something in there, there
>won;t be any way to tell who it was because all the files will be owned by
>Been there, done that. . .
>Set the volume back to read-write and let samba handle the share.
>Hopefully I didn't cornfuze ya too much. . .
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>On Tue, 24 Jan 2006, Paul VanGundy wrote:
>>Here's my setup:
>>1. I have K12LTSP 4.4.1 authenticating users against a Win2K3 AD 
>>Server (for single sign on purposes from Windows computers to Linux 
>>2. I have a shared folder that is on a Windows 2000 Server being 
>>automatically mounted when every user logs in to a Linux terminal. 
>>Each user has their own domain folder but this folder is a general 
>>purpose folder that every student and staff memeber can use.
>>The Problem:
>>I edited /etc/fstab as root so the permissions on the share are 755 
>>which only allows root to Read/Write/Execute and everyone else to only 
>>Read/Execute. How can I edit the share to allow everyone to 
>>Read/Write/Execute (777) from the share? Any ideas and/or help would 
>>be greatly appreciated.
>>Thanks in advance.
>>Paul VanGundy
>>Information Technology Director
>>Epping High School
>>Epping Middle School
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