[K12OSN] Success Stories on LTSP wiki

Sudev Barar sbarar at gmail.com
Wed Jan 25 04:15:19 UTC 2006

On 1/24/06, Jim McQuillan <jam at mcquil.com> wrote:
> The one word that comes to mind is 'WOW'.  There are really some awesome
> examples of LTSP deployment around the world.

WOW back at you, Eric and others for piloting this so far!! Great
system and I keep finding ways to iplement this with amazingly little
"admin" back up. Just helped a local business set up this in all their
branches (10 nos.) of course with add on of VPN tunnel.

Two schools have worked on this as well. The only thing holding back
is lack of "local" (Indian) edu content. Our LUG and few others are
working on that.
Sudev Barar
Learning Linux

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