[K12OSN] Re: OT: "MySpace.com" or "policies for when computer use leads to ass

Mike Ely mely at rogueriver.k12.or.us
Fri Jan 27 16:46:01 UTC 2006

Thanks to all for a very interesting and enlightening discussion. 
Ultimately, what it came down to for me is that while myspace might have 
some uses (I see more now having read this thread), we're saturating our 
dual-T1 uplink as it is, and so it's necessary to cut the fluff where 
possible.  Given the lack of a clear educational purpose for myspace, 
combined with the not insignificant potential for trouble in having it 
in, the decision to block stands.  After reading all this, I'll probably 
spend some time considering lifting the block once we have better 
outbound connectivity.  At this point, however, it would seem that the 
teachers welcome the block, as they were considering myspace to be an 
in-class nuisance before it was dropped.


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