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Re: [K12OSN] Banding Together to Create Market Forces


This kind of reminds me of an old Arlo Guthrie song we hear every year
around thanksgiving.

Take a look at this link, and search down for the paragraph near the
bottom that starts with "And friends".  It's almost near the bottom, so
it's probably easier to go to the end and scroll up a page or so:



Jim McQuillan
jam Ltsp org

> As this list grows and as FOSS installations reach more and more
> academic markets, we will be FOOLS not band together to create market
> forces.  We just read Jeremy tell Paul "we just need a few of you guys
> to band together and nudge us into it."  Rhetorically speaking, how many
> of you need this program and have either written or now plan to write
> Jeremy?  He just made it clear; your *market* feedback counts.
> Guess what the Pearson sales team told me about running NovaNet on
> Linux? "I am sure that if we heard from enough school districts asking
> for it, we'd make it happen.  We'd have to."  Since he has only heard
> from me, he is happy to see HOSEF try to make it work with CrossOver
> Office.
> There are really nice, well-meaning, but overwhelmed sales teams all
> over the education marketplace.  The need more money for their
> commissions.  Now.  When you are the first to call, explain the
> potential size of your sale,  and emphasize your need for their product
> to run on Linux, you get attention.  When you are the 10th, you are part
> of trend.  When you are the 20th, you may have just cemented change.
> --scott
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