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Re: [K12OSN] *Everyone Please Read - Banding Together to Create Market Forces*

I know our school wants to use this testing, but we have been unable to get started with it because of our k12ltsp network issues. We are a part of a small schools initiative that is already using the testing, this is going to be a pressing issue. We have been thinking of installing a windows lab just to accomodate the testing, but have been unable to come up with the money.

We have 350 student k-12 school, put our school on your list Paul.

Rita Gibson
Denver, CO

Paul VanGundy wrote:
Scott and All,

I agree. We do need to start banding together. Not just as an
educational community as a whole, but as small educational groups as
well. It would be great for us to share what programs we each use at our
schools on a listserv such as this or on a website.
For example, let's suppose we have a website. On that website can be
educational programs and testing applications that schools and school
districts use. You hyperlink the name of the program/testing software.
In my example we'll use the NWEA testing. So you click on the NWEA
testing and a list of all school districts/schools that use NWEA will
pop up. I now have a list of all the educational organizations that use
this program and would potentially like to see it ported to Linux. With
that, then you have your educational group that can push and report it
to vendors like CrossOver office. This reference could also be valuable
to vendors as they can visit and see what programs are in high demand
for Linux production.

Without something like OpenSource/Linux Educational Groups then we stand
less of a chance of seeing programs we would like to see produced for
Linux a reality.

Anyone and everyone. Let me know if this is something you feel that
would be beneficial. I will be purchasing a website so that we can start
banding together and listing programs we use. I believe it would be an
invaluable resource on many levels. Give me feedback please. Thanks.


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