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Count me in!  Our school system is located in South Alabam and is one of
the poorest counties in the state.  We have 6 schools in our system.  I
am pretty fortunate to have complete say in what we roll out in
technology.  OpenOffice is an easy sell when I position it as a program
that students can take home and use without any cost.  I am setting up
labs in every school using thinclients and LTSP and installing research
stations in our libraries.  I plan on doing a press release soon on our
latest lab.  It looks really good and the school is very excited about
using the lab and the software that will be available.  I still haven't
found any nice banners/wall candy to purchase that promotes OpenSource
and K12LTSP.  If anyone knows of something, please let me know.



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> Subject: [K12OSN] *Everyone Please Read - Banding Together to Create
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> From: Paul VanGundy <vangundypw at sau14.k12.nh.us>
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> Scott and All,
> I agree. We do need to start banding together. Not just as an
> educational community as a whole, but as small educational groups as
> well. It would be great for us to share what programs we each use at our
> schools on a listserv such as this or on a website. 
> For example, let's suppose we have a website. On that website can be
> educational programs and testing applications that schools and school
> districts use. You hyperlink the name of the program/testing software.
> In my example we'll use the NWEA testing. So you click on the NWEA
> testing and a list of all school districts/schools that use NWEA will
> pop up. I now have a list of all the educational organizations that use
> this program and would potentially like to see it ported to Linux. With
> that, then you have your educational group that can push and report it
> to vendors like CrossOver office. This reference could also be valuable
> to vendors as they can visit and see what programs are in high demand
> for Linux production.
> Without something like OpenSource/Linux Educational Groups then we stand
> less of a chance of seeing programs we would like to see produced for
> Linux a reality.
> Anyone and everyone. Let me know if this is something you feel that
> would be beneficial. I will be purchasing a website so that we can start
> banding together and listing programs we use. I believe it would be an
> invaluable resource on many levels. Give me feedback please. Thanks.
> -Paul
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> On Sat, 2006-01-28 at 21:54 -1000, R. Scott Belford wrote:
> > As this list grows and as FOSS installations reach more and more 
> > academic markets, we will be FOOLS not band together to create market 
> > forces.  We just read Jeremy tell Paul "we just need a few of you guys 
> > to band together and nudge us into it."  Rhetorically speaking, how many 
> > of you need this program and have either written or now plan to write 
> > Jeremy?  He just made it clear; your *market* feedback counts.
> > 
> > Guess what the Pearson sales team told me about running NovaNet on 
> > Linux? "I am sure that if we heard from enough school districts asking 
> > for it, we'd make it happen.  We'd have to."  Since he has only heard 
> > from me, he is happy to see HOSEF try to make it work with CrossOver Office.
> > 
> > There are really nice, well-meaning, but overwhelmed sales teams all 
> > over the education marketplace.  The need more money for their 
> > commissions.  Now.  When you are the first to call, explain the 
> > potential size of your sale,  and emphasize your need for their product 
> > to run on Linux, you get attention.  When you are the 10th, you are part 
> > of trend.  When you are the 20th, you may have just cemented change.
> > 
> > --scott
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