[K12OSN] accelerated reader /math works on K12LTSP-FC3

Rick Schindler Rick.Schindler at stmary-cs.org
Mon Jan 30 14:46:11 UTC 2006


>>> cisna-barry at wc235.k12.il.us 01/28/06 05:39AM >>>
Hello List,

Sorry I havent got back here to write a brief howto,on running Accelerated
Reader/Math , Star Reader/Math on K12LTSP. What you need to do is download
the following versions of Wine& winetools. ALso We purchased CrossOver
Office-Pro/70$,?( but this is not necessary,in hind site.)
The nice thing about CrossoverOffice is it does generate nice start menu
items,transparently,,without having to script your own desktop launcher
I was able to do program updates as well,with wine, just so you know. This
software is very dated but the school i am at dumped alot of money into
licenesing/product. You know the drill. If your school has all sorts of
money to go through,, I think still the best shot is the Rennassaince
Place they have out that does all your apps Webbrowsered. I tried several
versions of Wine and seems all the versions I tried DID work.
The one trouble area you will have with this is trying to install
AccReader 6.35, then it trying to find the data.
WE have AR 6.35, SR 1.23, AM 1.2, SM 1.2 --golden oldies..:)

1. First you need to do Samba mount on your existing alsdata folder on
your windows box,so your linux server is pulling that share to it. You
will then of course see the alsdata share folder on each users desktop.
Now you have your data were Linux can use/see it:)
2. Install Wine & winetools as well. WInetools lets you install a few
MSWindows core files,,and other stuff if you chose to.It has an
uninstaller plugin as well for windows installed apps.
2. Wine version number we have is 20050111.rpm
2b. You will need xdialog to run winetools xdialog-2.1.1.rpm
2c. Winetools version winetools-2.1.1
3. after you have these installed simply copy your AR/AM/SR/SM cds to your
linux HD
4. from a command line type in " winetools"
4a. install some the windows core package stuff( fonts , dcom,msi
installer) which winetools will do for you, automagically.
5. Now click your setup.exe in each of your cd's you copyed to HD,and all
should run/instal without a hitch
With all your softwares installed go to your ~username/.wine/drive_C
folder (that winetools will generate for you and find the actual path to
the exe's.and create a desktop launcher,
6. You will go into the manager portion of each program,inititally and
point your data location to your /mnt/alsdata folder to access the data.
6a. make sure you have your two data DAT & FPT index files in your alsdata
root folder,or nothing will work!. This is why most people cant get this
to work, ( I think).
7. Now push your new desktop icons out to all users
8. mission accomplished!

If anyone wants i can email you our school ftp site,& Ill up these rpms to
the ftp site,so you will have identical rpm's to the ones I have,to
download these rpms, wine, xdialog/winetools,,if you dont want to
fish/search for them

Hope this might help out some poor soul, like me:)

Take care,


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