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Re: [K12OSN] rsync 4.2.2el32bit

Mark Gumprecht wrote:
Would it be beneficial (bandwidth&time)/possible to copy the
4.2.2el32bit isos, change the name to the 4.2.3el64bit, and then  rsync
or are the files too different?

Interesting question. I just checked, 4.2.2el32bit and 4.2.3el64bit
share 912MB worth of packages.

One issue is that the packages are likely on different discs, which
won't save you bandwidth if you just rename the 4.2.2el32bit discs.

If you have the disk space, I'd cat all of the 32bit isos into one file
and make links for the other disks, then rsync. In other words:

  cat K12LTSP-4.2.2EL-32bit-disc* > K12LTSP-4.2.3EL-64bit-disc1.iso
  ln K12LTSP-4.2.3EL-64bit-disc1.iso K12LTSP-4.2.3EL-64bit-disc2.iso
  ln K12LTSP-4.2.3EL-64bit-disc1.iso K12LTSP-4.2.3EL-64bit-disc3.iso
  ln K12LTSP-4.2.3EL-64bit-disc1.iso K12LTSP-4.2.3EL-64bit-disc4.iso
  ln K12LTSP-4.2.3EL-64bit-disc1.iso K12LTSP-4.2.3EL-64bit-disc5.iso

  rsync -Pav  k12linux.mesd.k12.or.us::K12LTSP-EL-64bit/* .


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