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[K12OSN] NECC Open Source Lab will have lots of visitors--we need help beefing up K12OpenSource.com website...

There will be 15,000 school folks at NECC, and nobody knows how many
will come to the Open Source lab and booths... but it's going to be A
LOT.  We will have about 70 computers set up (including a K12LTSP lab!),
and we are in a prime area--the first night welcoming reception is in the
same location.

In addition, there is a buzz going on about Open Source and Web 2.0
that is very exciting.

The K12OpenSource.com wiki could use some collaborative building.
We've printed 5,000 nice glossy 4-color brochures that talk about what
Open Source software is, and point people, in addition to many of the
traditional OSS sites, to K12OpenSource.com.  K12OpenSource also has
an email list for beginners, and we expect to direct beginners to
those two sites to start their journey with Open Source Software.

If you have some time, and are willing, we could really use some more
content on the site.  Links, stories, resources, anything.  The show
starts Tuesday night (July 4th, if you can believe it) and runs
through Friday.



Steve Hargadon
steve hargadon com
916-899-1400 direct
www.SteveHargadon.com - (Blog on Educational Technology)

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