[K12OSN] Tux Paint - OO Writer Code to link them needed.

Mary Jo Spencer webace98 at gmail.com
Mon Jul 3 05:43:05 UTC 2006

Early grade teachers really could use a solution for making picture
book/writing pages.

We have done this in small amounts by manually copying the Tux Paint picture
to a OO Writer form and having the kids type in a box below the picture.

This is great but the manual work makes it too cumbersome for frequent use
and its not empowering the kids...

Does anyone have a way  to automate this or do we need some coding or is
there something already out there that will do this sort of thing????

I know you can code stuff for OO Writer but I don't know where to start...

So is there a way to have a small program set up to:

[The student would start by composing a Tux Paint Picture and then save it.]

Then they would click on a Picture Page icon on their desktop which would:

1.  Open up picture page form in OO Writer - document is automatically
assigned a dated and incremented file name and saved in their home folder

2.. Open up Tux Paint Pictures folder so student can pick the image to copy
to page - student needs to see the actual picture icons for the various tux
paint pictures so can visually pick the picture similar to setup in Tux

3. The picked picture is then automatically resized and inserted in the
picture box on the OO Writer form.  The student then just scrolls down to
the text block and types away...

4.  When students are done all they have to do is press save and exit.

So any ideas?????????   I had initially thought about making a request for a
writing block to be programmed into Tux Paint which would take care of this
in a different way and that still has some great possibilities - but then it
occurred to me that if we could automate our manual process then we could
use OO Writer for the writing part.

Thanks for your help,

Mary Jo Spencer
Technology Coordinator
Stratham Memorial School
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