[K12OSN] Tux Paint - OO Writer Code to link them needed.

Deborah White flickatomte at gmail.com
Mon Jul 3 17:18:41 UTC 2006

I've been looking at this from a different view point.  We have been using
Sunburst's EasyBook Deluxe.  I would love an Open Source Program that would
do what EasyBook does but even better.  It would be a desktop publishing
program.  Specs include:
1.) Allow the user to enter Title and Author to generate automatically a
Cover and a Title Page
2.) Allow the user to enter Publisher/Copyright info with either a default
edit or a customize edit to generate a page with that info.
3.)Layout options for each page that include picture boxes and text boxes
that are re-sizable.  Layout suggestions include but not limited to:
a.)picture box on top, text box on bottom b.) text box on top, picture box
on bottom c,)small picture in upper left hand corner, text area upper right
hand corner and bottom d.) small picture in upper right hand corner, text
area upper left hand corner and bottom e.) small picture in lower left hand
corner, text are top and lower right hand corner, f.) small picture lower
right hand corner, text area top and lower left hand area, g) picture box in
middle of page, text area above and below.  Ideally, layout items would be
accessed via a small icon illustrating the layout.
4.) automatically # pages (not counting Cover, Title Page, and publishing
5.) font/size choice like standard word processing program
6.) Bold, Italics, Underline like standard word processing program
7.) Option to import graphic from programs like TuxPaint and Gimp into the
picture boxes
8.) Print or upload to website

Nice if we could get it:
9) formatting options to include half page books both left to right and top
to bottom and printed in correct page order to make a book, and landscape
orientation for full page books.

So, anyone want to take this on?

Debbie White
1st/2nd Grade Looping Teacher
Asa C. Adams School
Orono, ME
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