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Re: [K12OSN] OS X run TuxType2 from K12LTSP server?

On Thu, 06 Jul 2006 08:17:46 -0400, James P Schwankl wrote
> Hey all,
> I'd like to make Tuxtype2 and GCompris available to our OS X lab by 
> creating a launcher that will make a connection to the LTSP server 
> and start an X session with just that app running. ( I don't need 
> the whole icewm desktop)
> I can handle the launcher, but I'm struggling with the syntax for 
> the xsession. I'm pretty sure this should be do-able, since I can 
> connect and get an entire K12LTSP esktop experience using
> X -query IP.NU.MB.ER :1
> Any help is much appreciated. Thanks.

I was thinking this maybe would need to be accessed like an application server
instead of an X session.  That could possibly reduce your overhead.  So I
tried to look at Gavin Spurgeon's k12ltsp.howtoz.net to see what is involved
in calling on an application server, but it appears to be down.

Does anyone have the info from this site saved?  The tutorials were the best I
have ever seen, I would hate to have them lost.

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