[K12OSN] OS X run TuxType2 from K12LTSP server?

Gavin Spurgeon gsp at leighctc.kent.sch.uk
Thu Jul 6 16:10:15 UTC 2006

> I was thinking this maybe would need to be accessed like an application
> instead of an X session.  That could possibly reduce your overhead.  So I
> tried to look at Gavin Spurgeon's k12ltsp.howtoz.net to see what is
> in calling on an application server, but it appears to be down.
> Does anyone have the info from this site saved?  The tutorials were the
best I
> have ever seen, I would hate to have them lost.

My Site is down @ the mo for maintenance, it will be running again with in
48 Hours. I know it has been Off-Line for a wile but like I say it should be
within 48 Hours.

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