[K12OSN] Server specs....how low can you go?

David Whitmer dwblue02 at yahoo.com
Mon Jul 10 16:53:22 UTC 2006

I'd certainly agree, though I don't like to use it (just a personal preference).  Xfce is less resource-hungry, too.

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IceWM, which is included in K12LTSP, is much less resource-hungry than Gnome or KDE.


David Whitmer wrote:
> Jason,
> At home, I've got an 800 MHz PC with only 384 MB RAM running K12LTSP 
> 4.4.1.  We primarily use it as a Samba file server for our home 
> network.  Occassionally I run a lower spec PC off of it as a thin 
> client.  It works okay, though the graphical environment (whether Gnome 
> or KDE) and Firefox are a little slow to load, and Firefox especially is 
> a little sluggish even after it's loaded.  Though I'm sure more memory 
> would fix that problem.  I don't think I've tried running more than one 
> thin client at a time off of it, though I could try that this evening 
> just to see what would happen.
> David Whitmer

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