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Oh!  Definitely!  Use Samba/LDAP!  Here's what I do....I have several
servers....one of them is a Samba/LDAP server  That's all it does is
handle authentication and store users, home directories, and Windows
profiles.  It is the central point of authentication for numerous servers
and services that I have.  The beauty of it is that I can set up or
upgrade a K12LTSP server at any time without affecting the users at all
since the users all live on the Samba/LDAP server.  All you do is use
authconfig to point the K12LTSP server to authenticate and mount the home
directories which are exported via NFS.  Under your current set up or
idea....you have to really be aware of what you do with the users and
their data when you do anything to a K12LTSP box....under Samba/LDAP the
users all live on another server....you really only need to worry about
that one...and with planning the backup of users and data is really quite
easy.  Backing up an LDAP database is a snap....restoring one is also a
snap.  In fact, smbldap-installer sets up the ldap backup for you!  The
end result?  Regardless of where your students are....a Windows
machine....a Linux terminal connected to server1.....connected to server
2.....no problem....they see the same home directory regardless.  It's
very cool and very easy.  What used to take me quite a while to set up
(even after having done it a gazillion times) has now been made simple,
quick, and idiot-proof thanks to Matt Oquist taking my how-to and
scripting everything into the smbldap-installer.  Setting up a Samba/LDAP
server is about a 3 minute job aside from loading the OS.  There are
several user creation scripts included that help make unique
usernames....passwords....bulk import....etc.  all very easy.  The new
version should be ready for NELS next week and Matt is doing a session on
it....you may want to check it out.

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>I have 3 K12LTSP servers, one NFS server. I know I can copy over the
>passwd, groups, and shadow files out of etc (right?) from the NFS server
>to the Terminal servers. I just wanted to know if there is a better way
>than doing it manually. Basically what is the best procedure for adding
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>>How are people updating users on the LTSP boxes using an NFS server?
>>is the fastest/easiest/safest way?
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>Not sure what you mean....can you elaborate?  What're you trying to do?
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