[K12OSN] linux roving profiles needed??

Nathan Shaffer nathan at grandvache.com
Wed Jul 12 01:04:26 UTC 2006

At our school, I've convinced the teachers and staff that since we've  
been running a ltsp lab with 30 workstations for 3 years (started  
with 3.1.1), it's time to migrate Linux up to the main classrooms and  
get rid of Win2k running on desktops.  As financial conditions  
permit, we may acquire more server power to turn the classrooms into  
LTSP, however; for now we'll be setting up RH linux on PIII-800  
workstations and authenticate to a main LDAP server (LTSP server).   
Is there something we need to set up for the Gnome desktop profiles  
that differ between the LTSP labs and the classroom workstations such  
as roving profiles?  (software should be the same since all are   
being upgraded to use LTSP 4.4.1 whether server or desktop).

Thanks -

Nathan Shaffer
St John the Apostle School
Oregon City, Oregon
nshaffer at sja.pvt.k12.or.us

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