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Wed Jul 12 05:35:16 UTC 2006

How do I set up /home mounted with nfs on another server?
I am looking at a maximum of 25-30 clients. It is unlikely they would online
simultaneously. About 70 user accounts.

Currently I have a AMD 2500XP machine with 2 GB Ram and 120GB Sata HD
running as the K12LTSP (v4.2.1) server. The main thing holding me back from
updating the server is dealing with the user authentication and /home. With
this system it would be much easier to update even if I still keep only one
LTSP server.
I have another identical box (Actually has a bit less memory at present.) I
was thinking to use this as Backuppc server, Koha server, Asterisk etc..
I have a low powered box that I thought would manage the authentication and
/home. It is only a PII450 128MB RAM. How would that manage if I put a sata
card in it?

On 12/07/06, Jim Kronebusch <jim at winonacotter.org> wrote:
> On Wed, 12 Jul 2006 08:05:56 +1200, Krsnendu Dasa wrote
> > I like the sound of a central LDAP server. That would make upgrading
> > K12LTSP a lot easier. Also makes the option of parallel
> > loadbalancing K12LTSP servers practical. What sort of machine would
> > you recommend as SMBLDAP server with /home mounted on it. HD would
> > be important of course. What about RAM and CPU?
> I suppose like most things, it would depend on how many users
> simultaneously,
> and the amount of data written to the drives.  As far as LDAP goes, I
> can't
> imagine that is very intensive at all.  I would have to imagine a 500mhz
> box
> with 512mb RAM would server a few hundred users.  But since in most
> scenarios
> for setting this up you are probably looking to manage a handful of
> servers,
> you are probably looking at quite a few users and a lot of drive
> traffic.  So
> I would recommend a striped SCSI raid array for the /home share and at
> least a
> 1ghz processor.
> I am sure someone (David) might have some good info on real life load to
> give
> you and then you could possibly scale up or down accordingly.
> Probably a good rule of thumb, don't make the drive array any less than
> you
> would use in any single LTSP server.
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