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Jim Kronebusch wrote:
On Tue, 11 Jul 2006 13:20:07 -0700, Huck wrote
Is there a howto on K12LTSP load balancing utilizing this type of a setup? where you can have diff LTSP servers say throughout diff buildings on a campus that all pull and auth from a central SMBLDAP server?

I am not exactly sure what you are looking for here, do you want automatic
load balancing, a drop down to choose your server, or different subnets with
dedicated LTSP servers that simply auth and nfs mount to a main LDAP server
(auth and NFS mount to a main LDAP server for all three cases).

The answer from me is yes, but I don't know where.  I have seen users post
with info on how to load balance with round robin DNS, and I have seen users
post with info on adding a drop down menu to choose your server.  As far as
the third option the solution is most likely obvious.

As far as a howto on authenticating multiple servers to a central LDAP and
NFS, I am sure David will provide that in a heartbeat :-)

I guess specifics are helpful eh? ;)
Lets say, I have 60 thin clients around the school..in multiple buildings etc...and that my distances are so great from K12LTSP server that I lose the benefits of Gig-E backbone to the server, from my client switches...and I'm saturating a single server.

What would I go about doing so that Building A. has it's own LTSP server, Building B. has it's own LTSP server AND a central authenticating server for clients(mac/thin/pc/etc).

And how would each client know which LTSP server to connect to?
I see how you could subnet building A from building B LTSP-wise..but then how to let both buildings authenticate from a central SMBLDAP machine?

I don't see any reason for users to choose a specific server(they shouldn't have to go through that extra step)...

And just to confuse a bit more...what if I wanted to implement stand-alone Linux boxes(with any flavour'd Distro out there the kids like)...and still have them authenticate to the central SMBLDAP machine, and have their "LTSP" profiles follow them around on those machines as well?


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