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Re: [K12OSN] VMWare server

Let me just add that last night I tried tunneling a connection to the VMWare server at school from a vmware server console on my home machine (over port 902, standard Comcast cable connection) and it worked just fine. In fact, performance seemed better than vnc over the same connection.

IMHO, that's cool!



Les Mikesell wrote:
VMWare server is out of beta.  It is still free but you have
to register again and request activation keys for the number
of servers where you plan to install it.  It probably has
too much overhead for your main production servers but it is
great for testing the next version you plan to deploy or
less-used applications that would otherwise need a dedicated
machine to run.

This time for sure!
   -Bullwinkle J. Moose
Vern Ceder, Director of Technology
Canterbury School, 3210 Smith Road, Ft Wayne, IN 46804
vceder canterburyschool org; 260-436-0746; FAX: 260-436-5137

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