[K12OSN] More detailed instructions & documentation needed for K12LTSP implementation

Jim Kronebusch jim at winonacotter.org
Thu Jul 13 20:23:09 UTC 2006

Well you have made the best step by joining this list.  I am sure someone here
can answer any questions you have.  In the future, you may get more help if
you break your questions down into individual posts and make the subject
informative about what the question is.  That helps readers browse and quickly
decide if your post is a topic they can help with or have interest in.

> (C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Start Menu), or customize a 
> Start Menu for a particular user. You can customize the Default User 
> environment (local machine) as a template for subsequent new users. 

Linux answer, the directory "/etc/skel". Learn about it.  This is the Default
User environment that is copied to all new users. 

> 1) How / Where do you configure K12LTSP to segregate "Teachers" from
> "Students", "3rd Grade" from "12th Grade", so that each "group" gets 
> the appropriate desktop and program menu respective to their roles 
> in the school? A 3rd Grader does not need the same applications, 
> shortcuts, etc as a 12th Grader.

Not sure myself.

> 2) What are other schools using for URL filtering and Surf Control 
> to keep students from "stumbling" across Porn Sites or any other 
> topic deemed "inappropriate"?

For our student dorm we use IPCop.  Works very well out of the box.

I am also checking into Endian firewall, I have read great reviews on it and
think it may be my choice of the future.

There are literally hundreds of options.  You can configure software on top of
your K12LTSP server (I believe Eric Harrison has developed a DansGuardian or
Squidgard package that can be yum installed).  You can use a stand alone
server with a complete package (such as Endian or IPCop).  Or you can use an
offsite service via your ISP.

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