[K12OSN] Re: OT - Open-Xchange

James P Schwankl schwankl at chatham.k12.nc.us
Fri Jul 14 13:10:10 UTC 2006

I wrote:

> Hey all,
> Anyone have any experience with Open x-change? Anyone using it.
> http://www.open-xchange.com/EN/
> If so, any words of wisdom? Heard anything about it?

Petre and Calvin,

We looked at and really liked Zimbra, but we needed the PDA sync stuff so were going to have to go with the for pay version. But our lack of capable clients is what killed it for us. Our testing said that it definitely needed a 1 Ghz 512RAM or better and we have teachers whose best machines are 400 Mhz G3, so no go on that account.

I'm also going to look at ClarkConnect v4 which is bundling Kolab and Hoarde as a groupware solution.

Mark, Thanks for the citadel suggestion, I'll look into it.



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